Victory That Overcomes The World

“For whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith” (1 John 5:4).

Victory that overcomes the world

It’s because there is something in the world which is in disagreement with the principles of God. There is a spirit at work in people who are not born again and it’s the prince of the power of the air which is the devil (Eph. 2:2). They walk in trespasses according to the course of this world and have become the servants of Satan.  The Bible also talks about the spirit of the anti-Christ.  Most people don’t want to hear this, but there is the spirit of anti-Christ that is at work in the world. People are hostile to God, they are in opposition to God, they are incompatible to the things of God. They are subjects to the devil, and they work according to Satan’s ideas and plans.

People blaspheme God and they use the name of Jesus as a swear word.  There is a demonic attack against God. The world continues to attack God’s people.  In many parts of the world today, you can be any kind of pervert and weird you want to be, and if anybody says anything, they call you homophobic or hater and they persecute you. They don’t persecute people who are into sin and doing wrong things. Even if you murder somebody, they try to figure out what is in your background that made you do that. Who abused you and made you this way? There is a battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil.

If you stand up and say I’m for Godly marriage, I’m against abortion, I’m for reality, you would be persecuted because of your testimony for Christ.   We have to do battle with the darkness of this world. This is not a battle which will end today or tomorrow or next year. But when we operate in faith, God is able to grant us such victory that we are actually better off because of the battle and the victory that overcomes the world. The ultimate ground for endurance in persecution is the victory of Jesus over the world (John 12:31; 1 Cor.15:57). There is a spirit of anti-Christ. And people think why is it that it’s only Christians that they come up against? It’s because there is a spirit of anti-Christ, a demon spirit at work in the world and many of us don’t even recognize it.  There’s a spirit working in the children of disobedience (Eph. 2:2).

Victory - TKC

"Do not accommodate the world’s system of beliefs. Give them the gospel and get them ready for the second coming of Christ."

Victory That Overcomes The World

Jesus said we would have tribulation. In the world there are troubles, conflicts, confusion, and battle.  There is warfare; of strife and disagreement; of agony and wrestling; It’s a battle until death; battle throughout life; fighting with a certainty of victory because Jesus made the incredible statement that in the midst of tribulations of this world, whatever is pressing and whatever is threatening, we were to be of good cheer; “I have overcome the world”. “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

How do we win this battle?

Christ disarmed Satan on the cross and stripped him of his power. We walk in the victory Christ has for us, and we do that through faith. The world has its principles, customs, and values, and whoever does not choose to go according to the fashion of the world, is an enemy of society.  They are attacks from the enemy intended to steal the Word of God out of our lives. Friend don’t do just as everybody else does. If you see people doing a dishonest thing in business, it is appropriate for you that everybody does it.  If they rebel against authority, it is appropriate for you that everybody does it. Do not accommodate the world’s system of beliefs. Give them the gospel and get them ready for the second coming of Christ.

The Bible clearly states that “whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world”. There is no justification for us being defeated. God’s provision is greater than all our needs. Have faith in the testimony of God’s promises.  Anyone born of God has victory that overcomes the world. This text of scripture serves as a reminder to us of God’s promised victory and gives us an opportunity to release our faith and appropriate what has already been provided.

Faith is the victory that empowers us to overcome the world. The victory through faith is available to us. “And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.” He has given it to us. Believe and receive it. Our victory is not dependent on things but rather on our faith in the person of Jesus Christ. He is our victory. Even our simple “child-like” faith will do the job. It doesn’t take big faith – just pure faith in God. The measure of faith you received at salvation can move mountains because it’s actually the faith of Jesus.  You have all the faith you need.  Use that measure of faith to overcome in every area of your life. We have to overcome the world by our faith: But faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Rom 10:17).  Faith comes by meditating on the word of God (Jos. 1:8).

Don’t allow the world to influence you with its belief system by conforming to its standards (Rom 12:1-2). We must not let the world intimidate us; withstand them, don’t let us drift away and go along with others in order to avoid criticism, slander, persecution, affliction, or mockery. We have the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome. God has placed His children in all walk’s life – in education, arts and entertainment, politics and many more areas. Thus, God is raising people up to dominate every area of society. He is bringing all areas of society that Satan has occupied to His divine alignment. The enemy has occupied many strategic areas of society, but God wants us to occupy them for the kingdom.

God has instituted marriage, but the enemy has come in to redefine it. Marriage in most nations is no more between only man and woman but also between same sex. Christians must increase their potential and extend their areas of influence. “Occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13). We have been left on this earth to dispose and dismantle systems. Satan is an illegal occupant so the things that he has set up, we are to dismantle.  Christ died on the cross to pay the price for our sins and was raised from the dead, defeated Satan, and took back everything that he had stolen from us. Christ is now seated at the right hand of the father and telling you and me to go into all nations to make disciples. He has given us the power to do this.

Don’t be afraid to take the gospel to your work place, community, school, and the world, even though the world opposes it, else we live as defeated Christians because we conform to this world which tells us to leave our faith at home or church and not to share it in our communities. While the world continues to attack God’s people because of their faith, such attacks fall harmlessly, because Christ’s death and resurrection rendered the world’s opposition null and void. Christ’s victory has already accomplished a smashing defeat of the whole evil rebellious system. Hallelujah!