Wednesday Bible Studies

Rhema Time

A weekly Bible studies as a great resource for families, small groups, and individuals.

This service normally starts with 25 minutes of Praise & Worship and Prayers after which we have a study on a particular text of the Bible. Members of the congregation are normally informed beforehand of the Bible text to give them the opportunity to read, study and meditate on the text prior to attending the service.  The Bible study is normally anchored by one of the workers/ministers and attendees are given the opportunity to express their opinion on the text being study as it relates to our everyday life. The service is not the conventional one in which the Pastor delivers a sermon to the congregation, rather it is a participatory one so members in attendance can appreciate the text of the Bible being studies from different prisms. It is a time we go deeper into the scriptures thereby giving attendees a broader knowledge and understanding of the scriptures and how we can effectively apply the scriptures to our daily life. It is a service that anyone who wishes to grow spiritually cannot afford to miss.



Jun 19 2024


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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