September 2013 Faith Clinic Prayer Points

  1. Father I thank you for who you are and I believe that with you nothing is impossible –Luke 1:37
  1. Father release your grace upon me, show me your mercies and compassion –Romans 9:15-16
  1. Father please place your mighty hands upon me and pour abundant measure of your Spirit upon me.
  1. Father open my eyes to see the invisible and open my ears to ear the inaudible
  1. Father anoint my lips so that the words of my mouth are backed by your power
  1. Father grant me internal strengths to resist the temptations of life –1 Corinthians 10:13
  1. Father strengthen me in the place of prayers; encourage me with speedy answers to prayers –Psalms 20:1-4
  1. In the name of Jesus I refuse to operate in fear for you have not given me the spirit of fear, –2 Timothy 1:7
  1. Father draw me closer to you, I want to know you the more –Philippians 3:10
  1. Father build your hedge of protection round about me and my family, deliver me from the hands of the wicked – Isaiah 41:11-12, Isaiah 49:25-26 
  1. Father plaster every crack through the enemy is penetrating into my life
  1. Father grant me the grace to live in obedience of your word, I rebuke every spirit of rebellion in my life – 1Samuel 15:22-23
  1. Father I acknowledge that you are greater than my challenges, bring an end to my frustration and rekindle my hope in you.
  1. Father bring an end to every form of dryness in my life, family and your church –Isaiah 43:19
  1. Father breathe upon all my goodness that have been dead and buried and give them life again –Ezekiel 37:10-13
  1. In the name of Jesus, I cancel every evil pronouncement and reports concerning me and my family. I prophesy goodness to myself and household. –Numbers 23:23
  1. Father let your name be glorified in my life, through my testimonies let the unsaved be saved
  1. Father fill my mouth with a new song –Exodus 15:1
  1. Specific Personal Prayers –Matthew 7:7-8

 Father I thank you for I know you have heard me and turn my situation around for the better –Psalm 145:1-4