September 2012 Faith Clinic Prayer Points

1. Father I thank you for my life & those you have given unto me 2. Father show me your mercies 3. Father hear my cries this day –Psalm 34:15-17 4. Father come and deliver us from the afflictions & captivity of the enemy 5. Father grant me the grace to seek your face first in every area of my life 6. Father open my ears to hear you and grace to obey your word 7. O Lord, give me direction and guidance all the days of my life 8. Father let your fire consume every spirit of procrastination working against my destiny 9. Father equip me and my household for the battle ahead 10. Father let there be total separation between me and any wrong covenant working against my breakthrough 11. I command all demonic hindrances to my finances, home, ministry and all that concerns me to be totally paralyzed in Jesus name 12. I dislodge, bind and cast into fire every spirit of uncertainty and confusion in my life in the mighty name of Jesus. 13. Father let me catch my enemies unaware 14. I break every circle of failure in my life in Jesus’ name 15. Father let all my problems receive divine solution in Jesus’ name 16. I walk out of the realm of failure into the arena of success in the wonderful name of Jesus. 17. Father send help to me, grant me the grace to identify my helper and not to chase them away 18. Father let men go out of their ways to show favour unto me in the name of Jesus 19. Father like you did for David let me recover all my goodness that the enemy had stolen 20. Father grant me the grace to finish well