Discovering the freedom and joy that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is an incredible experience. Like our own lives, our faith should also grow and mature over time.

At RCCG – The King’s Court, our hope is to build both a growing church and a church of growing people. We strive to provide an atmosphere where members, new and old alike, are nurtured towards maturity and stability, and encouraged to grow and flourish in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

We offer theseresources to you as a tool that will help you to monitor your own spiritual development and to help you grow spiritually as well. We encourage you to take some time to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider using these resources effectively.



Plug into regular sermons from us to connect you to God.To sustain our soul and maintain our connection with God, we require regular spiritual food, this is what we offer through our regular sermons.


A collection of various articles giving insights on various topics. We pray that these articles will be a source of great inspiration to you.


Prayer Points:

The key to having your prayers answered is this: Pray according to the will of God. Learn exactly what prayer is and how to have an effective prayer life with significant results TODAY!


Daily Confessions:

Your tongue is a very powerful instrument. It can either call down blessings from heaven or bring curses (failure) into your life. Learn how to use your tongue effectively.