May 2016 Faith Clinic Prayer Points

1. Thank God for how far He has helped you and members of your family in the journey of life. 2. Begin to cover yourself, household and all that concerns you with the blood of Jesus. 3. Father let my situation and prayers attract heavenly attention today. 4. Father let the angels distributing blessings locate me today in Jesus name. 5. I refuse to be located by any manner of tragedy in Jesus name. I reject death, I claim abundant life, in the name of Jesus. 6. Father destroy every yoke that followed me to this meeting in Jesus name. 7. Father let every destiny fulfilling friends of mine locate me in Jesus name. Separate me from every evil friend in Jesus name. 8. Father give my helpers the desire, ability and capacity to help me. 9. I command every spirit of limitation against my breakthroughs to be destroyed in the name of Jesus. 10. As from now on, I shall prevail against the enemies of my breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus. 11. I refuse to carry the evil-left over of my family, in the name of Jesus. 12. I cancel every evil standing order against my destiny in Jesus name. 13. I cancel and nullify every ancestral curse working against my destiny in the name of Jesus. 14. Every power preventing me from enjoying the goodness of the Lord I destroy their hold upon me in Jesus name. 15. Let God be God in every area of my life my life, Father arise and fight for me in the name of Jesus. 16. In the presence of those who think I’m nobody, Oh God arise, and make me somebody, in the name of Jesus. 17. Let the rivers of breakthroughs flow into my life, in the name of Jesus. 18. From today I command my life to move from minimum to maximum. I refuse to be a struggler in Jesus name. 19. Whether the enemy likes it or not, I shall not serve my enemies, in the name of Jesus. 20. My sun shall shine, every vail covering my star let them be destroyed in the name of Jesus. 21. Every cloud of confusion, covering my divine goal I command them to drift away in Jesus name. 22. Every generational curse affecting my divine goal, I break by the blood of Jesus, they shall no longer stand against me in Jesus name. 23. I release the spirit of confusion upon every evil meeting summoned against my destiny and joy in the name of Jesus. 24. Father grant me the grace and strength to pay the price for the fulfilment of your plans for my life. 25. Father grant me the grace to have the last laugh over the enemies of my soul. 26. Specific prayer request. 27. Thank God for answered prayers.