July 2016 Faith Clinic Prayer Points

1. Thank God for making it possible for you and your love ones to see the end of first half of the year and now in the second half. 2. Plead for the mercies and favour of God to be released upon you and your loved ones. 3. Father please give ears to my prayers, let me not call unto you in vain. Answer me and let the world know that I serve the God with whom nothing is impossible. 4. Father grant me the grace to hunger and thirst for your presence. 5. Father open my spiritual eyes for me to see hidden mysteries in your word. 6. Father help me to be a true believer in words and indeed. I believe but help my unbelief in Jesus name. Destroy every spirit of unbelief in me. 7. Father divinely position me so that I do not miss my allocations. Move me from where I am now to where you want me to be in Jesus name. 8. Father let the angels distributing blessings locate me today in Jesus name. 9. Father neutralise every poison that the enemy have deposited in my life in Jesus name. 10. In the name of Jesus, I dissociate my life and destiny from every power that is not of you. 11. Father surround me with good and Godly counsellors. Let the helpers of my destiny locate and help me in Jesus name. 12. Father let your promises me real in my life in Jesus name. 13. Father you are the God of multiplication terminate all form of lack in my life, let the windows of heavens be opened upon me in Jesus name. 14. Father broaden my vision so that I begin to see myself the way you see me. Help me not to limit myself. 15. Father enlarge my coast. Let me spread to the north, south, east and west in Jesus name. 16. Father terminate all manner of delay and dryness in my life in Jesus name. 17. Father you used Elisha to perform great miracles, please make me a miracle worker. Let me do exploits in your name and to your glory in Jesus name. 18. Father make the work of the ministry easy for me, empower me to do great and mighty things in your name 19. Father let my heart be filled with your joy 20. Father strengthen me to overcome every challenge that may come way 21. Father let your fire roast every veil that is not allowing the world see your glory in my life and ministry 22. In the name of Jesus, I will arise & shine, no longer will I remain in the same spot. 23. Father from today I replace every garment of failure with garment of your glory in Jesus name 24. Personal Prayers