From Grief to Glory Hope Returns

grief_gloryLittle by little, as we make our way through the initial steps of grief, we begin to see the sun shine again in our lives. However, even when hope returns, we must keep our faith in God strong.

Thoughts of sorrow and grief will linger, and, if they do, it’s not something to worry about. But remain hopeful about the future. Focus on moving from grief to glory, and push through the last leg of the process. Eventually, you will be in a place where you can reach back to those who are suffering loss in their own lives.

It’s not always easy to share your heart and encourage these people, even long after you’ve gone through the process yourself. But people will be looking for answers just as you once searched for answers to the tough questions that come after a tragic loss. Your road will become someone else’s road, and we must continue to move forward as we move from the process to the promise.

After we had walked down the road of restoration in our own lives, a pastor once remarked to us, “You are comfortable now.” We almost shouted at him in disbelief. Comfortable? We felt anything but comfortable-miserable, maybe, but certainly not comfortable. The pastor went on with what he was saying and explained that if you break the word “comfortable” into two parts, you have “comfort” and “able.”

He said that God had brought us to a point where we were able to bring comfort to those who were mourning and had no hope or vision for the future. Looking back, the pastor was right. We are in a position of being “comfort able.” We are able to bring comfort to people who are stuck in the miry pit of despair and death. You, too, can come to this place-if you keep your hope for the future and move forward through the grief process.


Credit to: Benny Hinn Ministries