December 4th, 2011 Faith Clinic Prayer Points

  1. Thank God for His protection over you and family throughout this year. Thank Him for there was no death or loss in His Church
  1. Pray for the mercies, grace & favour of the Lord for you and members of RCCG The King’s Court
  1. Father every delay and disappointment that I have suffered this year let them be turned around in my favour in year 2012 in the name of Jesus Christ
  1. Father release your fire on every garment of reproach that the enemy has placed upon me
  1. Father any power working against my destiny, let them be consumed by your Holy Ghost fire
  1. Father year 2011 shall not see my end or that of my family. We shall live to declare the counsel of the Lord
  1. Father destroy every evil arrow fired against me, my family & your Church
  1. Father all my blessings for 2011 that are yet to be delivered let me receive them before end of this year
  1. Father concerning me, my family & your Church destroy every counsel of the wicked
  1. Father move RCCG The King’s Court to the next level
  1. Father we possess this land for you in Jesus name
  1. Father everyone or everything saying “where is my God”, please answer them this month and silence them forever
  1. Father every force militating against the growth of your Church let them be destroyed by your fire
  1. Pray against killer diseases, pray for lost souls, the sick, jobless. homeless, widows, orphans, pregnant women & those waiting on His for fruit of the womb
  1. Pray for the G.O, Pastors & political leaders. Pray for God guidance and grace upon their lives.
  1. Pray for the success of all the programmes of the church this month