December 31st, 2011 Faith Clinic Prayer Points

Note: Always start and end your prayers with thanksgiving – Ps 100:1-5; Ps. 136:1

  1. Father I thank you for seeing me and my family into year 2012. Thank God for His Church, the GO, pastors and all His ministers.
  2. Father let your grace and mercies abide for me & my family in the year 2012
  3. Father destroy whatsoever that may want to stand between you and me.
  4. Father please help to perfect my faulty foundation. Father let every load the enemy has placed upon me be totally destroyed in the name of Jesus. Whatever the Lord have not planted in my life let them be consumed by the Holy Ghost fire.
  5. Father every garment of poverty, failure, affliction that have been imposed on me by the enemy I refused to take them to the new year in the name of Jesus.
  6. Father let every power working against me and my destiny be utterly ruined
  7. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command every one working against me begin to work for me. – Isaiah 60:14
  8. Father help me to redeem lost time and opportunities in year 2012. Father give me the strength and grace to maximise all opportunities that come my way in year 2012
  9. Father let the gates of blessings, favour, divine health and goodness be continually opened for me, my family and your church in year 2012. –Isaiah 60:11
  10. I shall arise and shine in year 2012 for the glory of the Lord has risen upon me. Father let your glory be seen in my life, family and your church in year 2012–Isaiah 60:1
  11. Father let my heart swell with joy throughout year 2012 – Isaiah 60:5-6
  12. Father let the wealth of the gentiles come to me and your church in year 2012. Father decorate me and your church with your beauty and glory –Isaiah 60:13
  13. Father make me, my family and RCCG The King’s Court a joy and blessing to many generations –Isaiah 60:15
  14. Father take me and RCCG The King’s Court  to a higher level in year 2012 –Isaiah 60:17
  15. Father let your light shine through me in year 2012 –Isaiah 60:20
  16. Father give us the grace to experience exponential growth in RCCG The King’s Court in year 2012 –Isaiah 60:22
  17. Father give me a new name in year 2012. –Isaiah 62:2-3
  18. By the grace of God Almighty I shall not be forsaken in year 2012. The favour of the Lord shall rest upon me, family and His Church in Jesus name. Isaiah 62:4
  19. Father let me be your delight in year 2012 grant me the grace to please you at all times.
  20. Father no member of my family or RCCG The King’s Court shall die young in the name of Jesus.
  21. Father bring an end to life of toiling without result in my life – Isaiah 65:21-23
  22. Father hasten to answer our prayers in this assembly. Turn our prayer request to testimonies
  23. Father grant our pregnant women safe delivery –Isaiah 66:7
  24. Father open the womb of our women waiting on you for the fruit of the woman. No one shall be called barren in this assembly. –Isaiah 66:9
  25. Father our children shall not be for trouble but for signs and wonders. They shall be battle axes in your hands in the name of Jesus
  26. Father comfort us from all sides in the name of Jesus –Isaiah 66:13
  27. Father let your fire destroy all the works of the enemy concerning your church. Isaiah 66:15
  28. Father let year 2012 be a year of revival in our land, let people hunger and thirst for the righteousness of the Lord –Isaiah 60:21
  29. Father bring an end to all acts of terrorism in our land in year 2012. Everyone troubling our nation let them be exposed. – Isaiah 60:18
  30. Present your specific prayer requests to the Lord – Matthew 7:7