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From Grief to Glory, Hope Returns
Little by little, as we make our way through the initial steps of grief, we begin to see the sun shine again in our lives. However, even when hope returns, we must keep our faith in God strong. Thoughts of sorrow and grief will linger … Read more!

Study of the Word!
The Word of God leads us into a deeper revelation of our heavenly Father and a greater faith. It is vital that we take time to daily read God’s Word. The Word equips us with knowledge and the power of God to walk in victory… Read more!

Fulfilling The Dominion Mandate
For an individual to have dominion it implies that there must be a kingdom in which he exercises his authority. For man to truly rediscover himself he must seek first the kingdom because therein lies the missing treasures… Read more!

How Does God Love The World?
While we were still sinners, going about doing things our own way, Christ came to this earth focusing entirely on a different activity. He came to this world to seek and to save sinners.You must remember His acts of love anytime you want to talk about the nature of God… Read more!

Book A Seat In Heaven
You must remember His acts of love anytime you want to talk about the nature of God. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for the unbeliever in Christ when he or she dies. For the unbeliever, absent from the body means present in hell. It is an instantaneous journey to hell…Read more!

article5I’ve Received The Holy Spirit, Now What’s My Job?
Despite a clear job set for us to serve as witnesses for Christ, many believers in Christ have turned down the great commission because they think the job doesn’t apply to them. They’ve been attracted to doing other stuff other than witnessing for Christ… Read more!

article6Your Past Is Washed Away
The very instant you receive Christ as your Lord and saviour, your past is washed away and you become a new person. It’s an immediate transaction where old things are passed away and everything becomes new. In some matters, the past is better but not with human nature without Christ. Old things need washing away because of our old sinful nature… Read more!

Know The Truth
There are many voices everywhere but let me assure you that there is only one voice which is the truth, the word of God. As personal problems increase so do fears increase and nearly everyone’s attention in the world today, is being anxious for tomorrow and finding ways to secure the future. Yet there is one very important thing everyone has… Read more!

Know Where You Belong
Everyone lives in one of two conditions: in spiritual darkness or in spiritual light. There is no middle ground or condition so far as spiritual things are concerned. All human hearts are in a state of darkness until they receive Christ as their personal saviour… Read more!

Your Passport To Heaven
Christ’s substitutionary death avoids hell when you die. His death put you on the only path to heaven. All human beings with their sinful nature could never be good enough to stand before almighty God, the only righteous judge. All have sinned, including you and me and fall short of the glory of God. However, there’s only one way…Read More!

New Year, New Thinking, New Heart& New Life
A time to make bold resolutions and predictions for what might unfold in the next months and years to come. Happy new year to you! Let this year be a great year for you by receiving the greatest gift from the greatest of all. Your greatest victory of this year is to say yes to Jesus Christ… Read more!

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