Dinning with the Lord – Pastor Femi Adebajo

Text: Psalm 23:5-6
Fellowshipping and dinning with the Lord involves the following

  1. The guest are invited by the Lord -1Peter 5:9; Matthew 22:9
  2. It is the Lord that prepares the table –you are called not because of your righteousness but because of His grace –Eph. 2:5. It also implies that He gives you the enabling grace to reap where you have not sown as the table was already made out for you to eat from without you preparing the food – 2 Cor. 12:9
  3. He feeds you in the presence of your enemies. Your enemies shall be like nothing (Isaiah 41:11-12). They cannot stop you from fulfilling destiny
  4. “You anoint my head with oil” – The oil –

a)      Perfumed oil smells good that means that the anointed of the Lord has a sweet smelling fragrance that attracts favour to him/her

b)      The oil is a lubricant which can be used to remove stains –every mark of the enemy upon your life shall be removed by His anointing

c)      As a lubricant, oil can be used to restore a rusty metal (Joel 2: 25-26). Whatever, the enemy has destroyed or made to be stale in your life shall be restored in Jesus name

d)      As a lubricant the oil one can use it to loosen a bolted nut. All the doors of opportunity shut against you shall be opened by reason of His anointing in Jesus name.

e)      The oil is also a balm which can heal all your diseases.

f)       The oil initiates someone to both kingship and priestly roles.

g)      With the anointing comes the power of the Lord -1Sam 16:13

h)     Oil is used in frying – The Lord will fry to dryness all your enemies in Jesus name

        5.    “My cup runs over” – Psalm 92:12-15

                  a)  Operating in abundance of His blessings

                  b)  Be a blessing to those around

                  c)   Fruitful in all that you do

                  d) Long life and free from premature death.

Action Point: Pray for the grace to remain in fellowship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit all the days of your life. Also ask God to give you the grace to enjoy the fellowship with his children.

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