March 2016 Faith Clinic Prayer Points

1. Father I thank you for all the victories that you have given me thus far and the victories that I will have in the future. – Psalm 75:1 2. Father have mercy on me and reveal to me those areas of my life that I need to make amends. –Psalm 6:2 3. Father grant me the strength and grace to destroy all the giants within me hindering you from using me the way you planned for me. -2 Timothy 2:16 4. In the mighty name of Jesus, I destroy every wilderness mentality that is not allowing me to see my glorious future. –Numbers 14:22-23 5. Father please give me a grateful heart, have mercy on me in any way I have been ungrateful to you and my helpers. –Isaiah 33:1 6. In the name of Jesus, I bring to captivity every thought of limitations, I refuse to see myself as a grasshopper. I denounce spirit of inferiority in Jesus name. 7. I dissociate myself from every spirit of envy, jealousy and pride in the name of Jesus. I receive the garment of humility in Jesus name. -Proverbs 29:23 8. In the name of Jesus, I put my flesh under the control of the Holy Spirit, no longer will I be ruled by my flesh in Jesus name. –Romans 8:3-5 9. I come against every spirit of greed and covetousness in Jesus name. I receive the grace to derive my contentment in my Lord Jesus. 10. In the name of Jesus, I refuse to mortgage my prosperous future for the benefits of the now. I come against spirit of Esau in my life. -Genesis 25:29-34 11. Father I surrender my all to you, I come against every spirit of rebellion in my life, I receive the spirit of submission to the will of God. –Acts 9:6 12. Father surround me with good advisers and grant me the grace to heed to heavenly wisdom. –Proverbs 3:13 13. In the name of Jesus, I come against every spirit of the lust of the flesh and eyes. I receive the grace to overcome every temptation that comes my way. 14. Father help me, do not let my case be like that of Saul that started well but finished badly, give me a glorious ending in Jesus name. 15. Father please grant me the grace to tame my tongue and anger, let me not foolishly destroy my destiny in Jesus name. –Proverbs 16:32 16. Father grant me the grace to use every stumbling block standing in my way as a stepping stone to my glory. –Esther 6:5-12 17. Father with one stone David defeated Goliath, give me that giant destroying stone to destroy every Goliath standing in my way. – 1 Samuel 17:49-50 18. Father let your fire destroy whatever will not give glory to your name in my life and family in Jesus name. 19. Father destroy every evil covenant and nullify every evil pronouncement working against my destiny in Jesus name -2 Kings 2:19-22 20. Specific Personal Prayers and thanksgiving.