From Grief to Glory , Hope Returns

Little by little, as we make our way through the initial steps of grief, we begin to see the sun shine again in our lives. However, even when hope returns, we must keep our faith in God strong. Thoughts of sorrow and grief will linger Read More!

Study of the Word!


The Word of God leads us into a deeper revelation of our heavenly Father and a greater faith. It is vital that we take time to daily read God’s Word. The Word equips us with knowledge and the power of God to walk in victory... Read More!

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At TKC we believe that the first step to a life of significance is self –rediscovery and this is achieved by knowing and establishing a firm and consistent relationship with Jesus Christ. Any purpose out of Christ can only bring temporary satisfaction, but real joy and fulfilment comes from knowing and walking with Christ.

At TKC we hold on to the belief that preparation precedes success. We hope to raise up men and women of significance therefore we place high premium in development of body, soul and spirit using biblical principles for success in every area of life.

The first instruction God gave to man was to multiply and be fruitful, so at TKC we impact, mentor and disciple people so that they may influence others and collectively create a better world.

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